Loin in Madeira's traditional flat bread "Bolo do Caco"

Do I really have to do this in front of so many people? Really? Alright, ok... Can I start? Is everyone ready? Are you sure? You there, are you ready to read what I'm about to write? And you too? Ok, so let's do it. I'm a classical individual, who always plays it safe and that doesn't like too much commotion. I'm discreet and very by the book. That's who I am. Some people like it, some don't. What can I do? But one thing I'm sure of,: With me, everything is perfect. And that's good yesterday, today and tomorrow. All in all, I'm timeless.


Loin, island cheese, onion, leek, lettuce, iceberg lettuce in Madeira's traditional flat bread "Bolo

Yes, I know that my beauty is not of this world but of a very aristocratic one. A world to which I belong (or I think I do) I came up between the 17th and 19th centuries but, as you can attest, I'm very well preserved. I'm a beautiful gentleman. However, at this moment, what concerns me the most is the form in which this text will appear. Aligned to the right? Aligned to the left? Justified? For me, everything must be aesthetically perfect. I value it as much as the great thoughts of the world. Thoughts... I wonder if it we who think or if there is someone thinking for us? What is to think? What is this? Where am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going to?


Loin, traditional mustard and bacon in heart bread

Hello, ladies! Did you miss me terribly? Come on, don't cry, daddy's back just like D. Sebastião amidst the fog. But, before we start partying, let me sing to you a small fado about the Alentejo and Ribatejo bulls. You must be very careful with bulls and only great men, strong and courageous like me, can deal with them. And sing about them. With our shirts open and a cross around our necks. Well, let's go. A small fado I  will sing, quite traditional in my country I might add, and while I drink another cup of wine, I look at the women who made me glad, who were all of them I guess, from the poor man’s wife to the judge's best, and I did not only have more because I chose to myself! Thank you, thank you!


Loin, cherry tomato, Portobello mushroom and avocado in Portuguese roll

Peace and love, my friend! Dig in world peace, man. Love rules! Love, flowers, music, long hair, round glasses and nature! Make love, not war! And since you're here checking out this cool stuff, filled with peace and all, let me tell you you're beautiful! Your outside is beautiful but your inside is even more beautiful and more spectacular and more filled with peace and all! Peace and love!


Azores tuna and Algarve salt flower in carob flat bread "Bolo do Caco"

I hope this is useful because I'm missing one of my one hundred and seventy favorite cooking tv shows. I'll be brief: I love everything related to food. Everything I have at home is about food: books, movies, albums, lamps, photos, doors, windows, sheets... Everything! Even my dog's name is Hot Dog and my cat's is Petit Gateau. Oh, and I have a fish named Stewed Haddock. And that is it. Enjoy your lunch, everyone!


Portobello mushroom, arugula and tomato in a Tandoori flat bread "Bolo do Caco"

Screw the system, screw your tidy hairstyles, screw corduroy! I like going around without anyone telling me what to do, with my spiked hair and my leather jacket. Yeah! That's life! Scaring little old ladies and listening to Sex Pistols is what I do most. I also dig drinking beer with the rock guys. Those dudes can be cool and they grew up with us. Our country is like it is because there aren't more people like me. Like that guy once said, blame it on the system! Yeah! Blame it on the system!


cuttlefish and salmon, tomato and algae in cuttlefish-ink flat bread "Bolo do Caco"


shrimp, iceberg lettuce and garlic in handmade hamburger bread


cod and turnip greens in Madeira's traditional flat bread "Bolo do Caco"


lettuces, arugula, canned mackerel, mango, strawberry and coriander sprouts


wavy, extremely thin and crunchy


blunt and in sticks


no innovations


varies according to the season


with honey, comes with a scoop of cinnamon ice cream


We have at the moment 3 locations in Lisbon area, in three typical neighborhoods.

Príncipe Real

Rua da Escola Politécnica, nº 40, 1250-103 Lisboa
Phone: 213 471 356

Mercado da Ribeira

Avenida 24 de Julho, 1200-479 Lisboa
Phone: 213 470 556


Avenida Praia da Vitória, n.º 77 B, 1050-183 Lisboa
Phone: 213 540 360
Our team stands out for its integrity, niceness and union, making every effort to improve our customers visits every day.
If you have a genuine interest in becoming a part of our team, send us your resume with your photo and a small presentation explaining why you're applying.


O Prego da Peixaria doesn't have a home delivery service. However, in case you want to, you can order by phone, setting a time to pick-up your pregos and drinks.
We have convenient and appropriate boxes to keep your product as tasty as possible.
Phone: 213 471 356


Our country was blessed with the best soils and the best ingredients in Europe.
O Prego da Peixaria favors the Portuguese suppliers whenever possible, as to help and showcase the quality of our national production.
Sustainability and integrity in preparing our menus are the key principles of our staff.

We work with the mythical coffee roaster group in Campo Maior - Delta.
Established in 1961 by Commander Nabeiro, Delta is more than just a brand of coffee. It is an institution that makes part of the everyday lives of the Portuguese, with a strong social presence in Alentejo, where the selection of a batch is the result of a rigorous selection and the combination of the best origins of Arabica and Robusta coffees. At Prego, you can find an embodied and strong coffee, with an excellent aroma and a soft, permanent flavor of a ripe fruit.

Sumol stands for Portugal what Coca-Cola stands for the USA.
Sumol was the first pasteurized fruit juice drink to appear in Portugal, in 1954. Since its launch, the brand has followed our market's trends and, according to the customers' needs, maintaining its unmistakable fruit flavor.

Bacalhôa Vinhos de Portugal, established in 1922, is one of the most innovative wine producers in Portugal. In 1998, Commander José Berardo became the main shareholder and followed the company's mission, investing in new vineyard plantation and cellar modernization. The project implemented in their several farms under the motto "Art, Wine, Passion" is aimed at surprising even the most demanding expectations. From vineyards to wine, the entire wine production process is enveloped by several scenarios that include tradition and modernity, with diverse artistic exhibits, from painting to sculpture, but never forgetting the magnificent natural works of art.


The Fishery's Prego. Yes, that's right. Prego, meat. Fishery, fish. We have a prego made of meat, created in a fishery "made" of fish. And, believe it or not, the prego is the most successful dish of our fishery.
It all started in 2010 with the SEA ME project - Modern Fishery, where our purpose was to pay tribute to the old fisheries that, across time, had disappeared from the beautiful city of Lisbon. We thought, discussed and unraveled it. The concept: a traditional market/Japanese and seafood restaurant that has fun with fish and seafood. A Modern Fishery. With a very strong touch of shellfish restaurant.
And, as any self-respecting seafood restaurant, it was mandatory to have prego on the menu. But not just any prego. It would have to be the best prego in Lisbon, the best prego in Portugal, the best prego in the world. A prego capable of surviving trends, incapable of surviving temptation. Temptations came and temptations were satisfied. The prego became the most praised product by friends, customers and specialized press. So, an idea came to mind: develop a concept to honor the prego. So we ate a prego: ours, of course.
And the concept went from an idea into a written paper. From paper into the restaurant. A house of pregos that rebirths the ambiance from the cafés and eating houses that helped democratize this small piece of meat. A product made in Lisbon and enjoyed by all ages, all standings and all tribes. And we can proudly say that "we will probably be the only fishery in the world known for its pregos"!


By this gastronomical concept of ours, we intend that the visiting driver is not the Chef (as usual) but the quality of the food and the passion we put into it.
Our food proposition is simple, nicknamed by the restaurant gurus as "smart and casual dining". We actually prefer saying that we have a prego house that is relaxed, modern in customer relations and loyal to the culinary traditions of our ancestors. For our tribute to prego, we named each of the 7 different pregos that you can find. All of them are made with the best loin and wrapped in handmade bread, which recipe is "locked away from sight". Each prego represents an urban tribe (some are becoming extinct) and their different and innovative ingredients intend to mirror their ways of life.
No need to create too much... a prego comes with a side of potatoes and that's it. The best prego in Lisbon comes with a side of the best potatoes in Lisbon, Done. Our potatoes are both sweet and blunt, as well as thin and crunchy. This side is made of potatoes that come in daily from the western area and from Carlos vegetable garden, our partner since forever.
Man shall not live from prego alone and, as we are originally "fish merchants", we have fish burgers available, such as cod, cuttlefish and shrimp burgers. And because the prego is also sweet, you can choose from a selection of desserts. Rice pudding with no innovations, the beer queijada and our handmade ice cream already have a legion of fans.
Here at Prego da Peixaria, it's been non-stop.

Non-stop because we have barely opened our doors and we have already been considered this year's concept by Time-Out. And non-stop because we're only closed on December 31st and we open right away on January 1st to help you curing your hangover.

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